Since 1982, we have been providing on-site and remote technical support services, in-house developed spare parts, preventive and predictive maintenance, upgrades, training, retrofitting and retooling, etc. in the United States.

All of these services aim to optimize the performance of your machine and increase productivity. We want your machine to operate as a new one, to reduce unscheduled downtimes and lower production costs.

Spare parts available in all states of the United States

We have service centres in Chicago and Houston

We have online platforms to request our services easily and quickly


always near

We are close to you

We have more than 100 highly qualified technicians to provide you with technical support. Thanks to our worldwide network (USA, Latino America, Europe, Asia, etc.) we give immediate responses to your requests.

Remote support ***Digital service

We are also ready to solve complex tasks remotely. Our Remote Service + APP is designed for real time intervention on incidents.

  • This avoids unnecessary travel, thereby costs and response times are reduced
  • The security of the call meets high-quality standards
  • It is very easy to install and use it: simply download the app and you are ready to go!


readily available

Maximum availability

We have over 100,000 in-house developed references ready to be shipped anywhere in the world. We also distribute third-party components.

In-house developed critical components

Critical components are developed at Danobat: we have thorough know-how about measuring devices, electrospindles, workhead, B axes and much more. This allows us to reduce delivery times and guarantee availability.

  • We offer new components
  • We replace damaged components with new ones
  • We lease the spare part while we repair the damaged component
  • We perform traditional repairs


preventive and predictive

Preventive maintenance

We design maintenance plans to minimize unscheduled downtimes and lower total maintenance costs. The plan includes:

  • Tasks to be performed
  • Required spare parts
  • Detailed report with recommendations

Predictive maintenance on heads and axes ***Digital service

We carry out remote and real-time monitoring of the status of workheads and axes to foresee any degradation that may occur them in the future. We combine our knowledge of these components and the data we collect from a variety of sensors to provide:

  • Condition-based recommendations
  • Proposals on how to solve incidents affecting the workhead or axes
  • Accurate information about when it is necessary and/or most convenient to replace them



always new

Continuous refurbishment and development makes your machine efficient, safe and productive. We provide:

  • A catalogue of improved products available for your machine

    Some examples: balance & GAP, measurement probes, MDM SW, telescopic safeguards, lubrication systems, etc.
  • Machining tests

  • Design and development of specialized machining cycles

  • Design of specialized tools and tooling


to be competitive

We train your staff to make you competitive and self-sufficient. We don’t want a lack of qualification to be an obstacle to achieving your production goals.

We have designed several training programs for that:

  • Machine trainings

    Operation, CNC programming and maintenance courses
  • Grinding process training

    A course on everything you need to know to program new work processes
  • Continuous training contracts

    Continuous training at reduced prices


Engineering process

Machining tests on times, precision and consumption


Mechanical or controls upgrades to ensure the accuracy of the original machine and the same reliability as a new machine


We have great experience in modifying programming, subsets, fastening tools, automation, etc.

And much more!