Automotive steering pinion

Steering part machining in one operation thanks to plunge grinding

Grinding machine for steering pinions
Grinding machine for steering parts
Grinding machine for steering parts
Steering pinion
Steering pinion
  • 4-second load/unload solution
  • Set of up to 4 wheels mounted on the wheel spindle
  • Diamond disc dressing:
    • Wheel shape flexibility
    • Longer dressing tool life


  • Hardened Steel.

Machining operations

  • Plunge grinding.

CG - Cylindrical grinding machine

  • High production grinder. Conventional wheel d24*6.3*12 inch
  • Diamond Disk, located on the own axis of the wokrhead or in its side. 
  • Robot located inside of machine enclosure.


PG - Cylindrical grinding machine

  • Heavy duty grinder with big wheels d30x11.8x12 inch
Machining tests service

Try the machining test service on our machines with your workpieces. Put the capacity of DANOBAT machines and our process team to the test, to be absolutely sure about your investment.