Bars, tubes

Ready to grind 10" diameter bars

  • A fully automated turnkey solution for grinding bar stock with minimal operator intervention
  • Close loop measuring system allows for automatic part size compensation while loading unit is designed to execute necessary process adjustments automatically
  • Technical expertise and knowledge taken into consideration in the design and execution to accommodate grinding of various materials such as duplex-, super duplex stainless steel, zirconium, titanium etc.
  • Automatic workpiece return for multipass grinding


  • Large range of diameters (0.004- 0.38inch 0.11-9.8 mm) and lengths (9.1-40 ft or more)


  • Steel and/or Stainless Steel (Duplex and super duplex)

Machining operations

  • Throughfeed grinding.
  • Rough grinding in different passes if required.
  • Finish grinding.


  • High production with throughfeed rate up to 33 feet/min.


ESTARTA - Centerless grinding machine

  • Optimum thermal and dynamic stability: built on a natural granite base.
  • An extremely rigid machine, with both grinding and regulating wheel spindles twin-grip supported.
  • High motor power: up to 147.5 hp.
  • Blade support for no marks.
  • Integrated locking system at the entry / exit of the machine to avoid the vibration of small diameter parts.
  • The loading system allows grinding of the same part several times for rough and finishing operations.
Machining tests service

Try the machining test service on our machines with your workpieces. Put the capacity of DANOBAT machines and our process team to the test, to be absolutely sure about your investment.