Cutting Tools and toolholders

High speed to machine cutting tools and toolholders

tool and toolholders
tool and toolholders
tool and toolholders
tool and toolholders
tool and toolholders
Tool and toolholders
Tool and toolholders
  • Process flexibility: conventional grinding or high speed grinding.
  • Dramatic reduction of cycle time: High speed grinding on hard material components (tungsten carbide, HSS).
  • Advanced software for non-round parts.
  • Compact design.


  • HSS – 27560 SFPM (CBN).
  • HSS – 15750 SFPM (conventional abrasive).
  • Tungsten carbide – 27560 SFPM - vitrified diamond wheel.
  • Tungsten carbide – 3940 SFPM resin bonded diamond wheel.

Machining operations

  • Contour/Peel grinding.
  • Plunge grinding.
  • Non-round grinding.

LG - Cylindrical grinding machine

  • Natural granite bed with linear motor technology and digital drives.
  • Direct drive spindles.
  • Optional B axis for 1 or 2 wheels.
  • Optional automatic loading systems.
  • Optional high speed technology (CBN/diamond).

CG - Cylindrical grinding machine

  • High production grinder. Conventional wheel d24*6.3*12 inch
  • Diamond Disk, located on the own axis of the wokrhead or in its side. 
  • Robot located inside of machine enclosure.
Machining tests service

Try the machining test service on our machines with your workpieces. Put the capacity of DANOBAT machines and our process team to the test, to be absolutely sure about your investment.