Digital Focus

Danobat Digital shows the focus on industrial digitalisation, which is structured around an offer of intelligent developments using 4.0 technologies, with an aim to forging ahead in the automation of real manufacturing environments.

We have designed solutions allowing us to build intelligent plants with the capacity to work autonomously, thanks to the integration of information and communication technologies, enabling the capture and processing of data from the machinery.


To make the most of the increased flow of information provided by the digital factory environment requires a user-friendly Human-Machine Interface that is comfortable and intuitive.

The DANOBAT Smart HMI gathers the available machine tool and part data onto a single central control screen. This allows workflows to be simplified and optimised to increase productivity and make operation easier.

Smart HMI helps optimise maintenance cycles as it shows the information relating to the status of the workpieces based on usage time

  • Enhanced usability and user experience.
  • Automatic notifications and maintenance instructions.
  • Improved reliability thanks to the self-diagnosis operations.
  • Logical handling of control.
  • Documents on screen.
  • Assistance for identifying faults.
  • Monitoring of energy consumption.
  • Enables the use of communication protocols.



This ever-changing environment requires fast decisions to make competitive advantages sustainable over time. All decision-making processes need reliable information and DANOBAT Data System is the answer to that requirement, a platform for capturing, storing and processing all valuable data from the machine.

  • Machine status continuous monitoring.
  • Real-time manufacturing processes information.
  • Patterns & tendencies identification.
  • Fault anticipation.
  • Intelligent maintenance strategies implementation.


The Control System is the core of the Integral Automation solution provided by DANOBAT.
It manages commands, regulates and monitors the behaviour of the different components and equipment.

Its scalable approach covers the needs of a single cell as well as a complete production facility.

  • Coordination of the production process of the factory or production cell (work orders, CNC programs, Tools management, Part handling systems).
  • Platform independent: Integrates different shop floor automation technologies in a unifying higher level solution.
  • Process monitoring: Complete process status dashboard, component status management, part tracking and historical data.
  • External system integration (ERP, MES, GMAO).
  • Advanced customisable reporting