Disks & spacers

Multiple finishing machining operations in a single set up

disks & spacers
disks & spacers
disks & spacers
disks & spacers
  • State of the art optimized solution for high stiffness configuration designed for Inconel grinding application.
  • Automatic measuring operations to achieve first time right.
  • User friendly advanced conversational HMI (DoGrind) with key process variable monitoring option.
  • Proven experience in superabrasive CBN grinding.


  • Specialized and dedicated team for aerospace solutions.
  • State of the art solutions based on continuous cooperation with engine OEM and main overhaul shops.

Machining operations:

  • Turbine disk flange face/ID/OD grinding and measuring.
  • Spacers flange face/ID/OD grinding and measuring.

VG- Vertical grinding machine

  • Hydrostatic rotary table stiffness and damping characteristics provide optimum roundness and surface finish.
  • Swivel B axis (0.001 degree resolution) with up to 4 positions for ID/OD grinding spindle, turning arm and measuring arm.
  • Optional: Reinforced swivel B axis with Hirth locking system (1 degree resolution) for hard turning operations to ensure an excellent surface finish.
  • Customised tool changing system: manual/ robot/ tool changing station.
  • Part measuring system: universal touch probe and/or wireless radio frequency measuring probes.
  • Pallet changing system with external station to reduce set up time.

DVG - Double coulmn vertical grinding machine

  • Stabilized pearlitic cast iron bed, column and traverse
  • Cross slides for vertical and traverse movements
  • Independent slide for longitudinal movement (Y axis)
  • Linear scales on all machine axes
  • Swivelling B axis with integrated torque motor
  • Precision radial and axial hydrostatic bearing on C axis
  • Double vertical cross slide configuration as optional
Machining tests service

Try the machining test service on our machines with your workpieces. Put the capacity of DANOBAT machines and our process team to the test, to be absolutely sure about your investment.