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We boost change

We create high value-added innovative and customized solutions that improve our clients’ competitivity.

Our track record, experience, expertise and high level of specialization mean that we are capable of developing innovative solutions and thus forming long-term partnerships that bring value to and boost change at our customers.

What we do

Holistic Solutions

We offer project services that cover the whole life-cycle of the solutions provided, these services can range from the preliminary design to in-plant production. To that end, our staff of top-level experts can design machining systems, equipment and automation. But they can also handle their subsequent construction, installation and commissioning, thus guaranteeing tailor-made project management and close monitoring at all stages.

Measuring Systems

In all the equipment that we manufacture, quality and shorter machining times are the watchwords. We have developed our own in house-technology measuring systems with the aim of assuring the most effective results. Our range includes in-process and post-process measuring devices using contact and contactless technology.

Advanced Engineering Services

To lead the field in turnkey solutions, we have developed technology that enables us.
We are able to anticipate problems and provide partnership-based solutions using process and production simulation technology.

System Integration

We are capable of integrating a full range of equipment from different suppliers. Critical machines are developed in-house to assure quality standards in DANOBAT solutions.


We offer different automation solutions to meet the need of each customer, to ensure shorter production times and increase productivity. We design an implement automation systems, in turkey lines, for the full productions line, covering machines, auxiliary equipment, robots, handling devices, etc. and also customize and install our own complete monitoring and control software for all elements of the line.

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