LG - External cylindrical grinding machine

External Cylindrical grinding machine
  • High precision component grinding, such as hydraulic components, automotive parts and cutting tools.
  • The machine’s natural granite base and the linear motor driven slides provide the high accuracy and thermal stability required for these highly demanding applications. These specifications also allow the grinding of non-round components.
  • The use of a water cooled electrospindle makes possible the combination of conventional and high speed grinding. This produces a maximum peripheral wheel speed of 27559 f/m and covers the range necessary for grinding with conventional abrasive or super abrasives with maximum torque.
  • Versatile and flexible machine with the direct driven B axis and the use of multiple wheels.
  • Requirements of completely automated manufacturing processes are fulfilled with the incorporation of customised DANOBAT automatic loading systems, e.g. integrated gantry or robot solutions, guaranteeing minimum loading and unloading time (2-6 sec depending on applications).
Distance between centres in 8 16 24 40
Diameter to be ground in 8 11 11 11
Weight between centres lb 65 110 110 110
Grinding wheel diameter in 16 20 20 20
Wheel peripheral speed f/m 6890/27560 6890/27560 6890/27560 6890/27560